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Think that adding a louvered or modern pergola to your backyard is too expensive? Me too. That is, until recently. With horizontal slats in the roof that open and close, louvered pergolas are a popular choice for blocking out rain or sun. If you do an online search, you’ll see that the motorized louvered pergolas cost up to $20,000. But those with manual louvers are much more reasonable. In fact, if you don’t mind spending an extra two minutes using a manual crank, you can have one in your yard for less than $4,000. Maybe even as little as $1,900. Don’t let the price fool you. Despite being inexpensive, these five choices are all praised for their quality. No matter what size or color you’re looking for, keep reading to discover the best louvered pergola for your yard.  

1. SORARA Louvered Pergola

There are a few details that all the best louvered pergola options share. Number one is that they’re all powder-coated aluminum, which is one of the best coverings to protect metal from corrosion. They also all come with base plates and expansion bolts for anchoring. As well as a drainage system that diverts water away from the louvers. This option by Sorara provides all those perks while offering one of the lowest prices on the list. It comes in two different colors (white or black) and three different sizes, ranging from $1,900 to $3,600. Of the 158 ratings, the negative reviews related to shipment rather than the product.

2. Purple Leaf Outdoor Louvered Pergola

If you need a larger louvered pergola, consider this product by Purple Leaf. It only comes in one color, but there are six different sizes available, ranging from 10×13 to 12×16 ft. They also offer add-ons, such as lights and netting or curtains. It’s a bit more expensive, with the cheapest option being around $2,900 with no add-ons. But it does have a unique feature that the Sorara doesn’t, which is two separate louver systems. This means you can have one side of the pergola open while the louvers on the other side remain closed. Like the Sorara, most of the negative reviews relate to issues outside of product quality. For example, some mention assembly issues or clarity of instructions. But, all in all, the Purple Leaf is well known for responsive customer service and the finished product is high quality.

3. Domi Louvered Pergola

Another option when searching for the best louvered pergola is this one, by Domi. It also has two rows of louvers that can open or close independently. While most of the louvers on other products only open 90 degrees, these can rotate all the way around. They also offer two different colors (brown and gray) and three different sizes. One of which is larger than either Purple Leaf or Sorara offers. As opposed to the others, which offer add-ons for a higher price, Domi includes curtains and netting with the purchase of the pergola. The price for this option ranges from $2,270 to $3,890.

4. Gardesol Louvered Pergola

Aside from Amazon, another common marketplace to consider is Wayfair. The Gardesol louvered pergola on Wayfair is very similar to the Sorara option. It comes in two colors and three sizes, ranging from $1,900 to $3,055, which is comparable to the Amazon options. There is also the choice of adding on a 3 or 5-year protection plan that is cheaper than those offered on Amazon. This may also be a better alternative if you’re concerned about the shipping issues mentioned for the others.

5. Lausaint Louvered Pergola

The final best louvered pergola to make it on the list is this one by Lausaint. It offers many of the same perks as the others, such as a gutter system, anchoring, and powder-coated aluminum. But they offer one unique option that the others don’t, which is wood-grain style louvers. Many people like the benefits that metal pergolas offer while still preferring the traditional wood look. Several of the reviews also mention easy installation, which can’t be said for all the options. The only downside is there is only one size available, 10 x 13 ft for $1,990.    


Louvered roofs are a great way to weatherproof your pergola. They can offer several years of protection, making them a worthwhile investment. Motorized options can cost several thousand dollars. But manual louvered pergolas are much more affordable and offer many of the same benefits. Buying from large e-commerce sites like Amazon or Wayfair also offers another perk. They have payment options and plans that allow you to pay over time rather than all at once. This means owning a louvered pergola is more accessible than ever. 

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