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I’ll admit, plastic isn’t the first material that comes to mind when considering outdoor rugs. Plastic is often associated with a hard or slick surface. Or even one that heats up easily. But the truth is, some of the best outdoor rugs are plastic. Many are polypropylene,  which is easy to clean and dries quickly. These are two major advantages that make polypropylene one of the best materials for outdoor patio rugs. Like other rugs, the best plastic outdoor rugs can be a great buffer against hot or slick pavement. All while adding extra design to your outdoor space. When cared for, they can last for several years on your patio or beneath your pergola.       

1. Gertmenian Outdoor Rug

One of the best plastic outdoor rugs is this one by Gertmenian. The design is straightforward, with a simple border and it comes in several neutral color combinations. This makes it compatible with nearly any setup. An 8×10 ft rug is currently around $152.  

2. Jonathan Y

If you want something with more design, one choice is this rug by Jonathan Y. It has a Moroccan style pattern and comes in several color combinations, including my favorite, the red and beige. It’s a good option for those who want to draw more attention to their outdoor area, but still neutral enough to pair with their other furnishings. At the time of this article, the 8×10 ft is cheaper than the Gertmenian, at around $122. 

3. FH Home

If you need something that is budget-friendly but still high quality, check out the FH Home option. It has many of the same perks as the others, such as being easy to clean and drying quickly, at a lower cost. There are several different eye-catching colors and patterns to choose from. Many of the negative reviews mention the rug as being thin, which is a common issue for outdoor rugs in general. But it’s still a great option with a lot of variety. They don’t offer an 8×10 ft rug, but the 9×12 ft costs around $80. 

4. Safavieh

If you want a basic rug that is one solid color, consider this one by Safavieh. It comes in ten different colors, all of which are neutral or pastel. This means that, like the Gertmenian rugs, they will blend well with any color scheme. The 8×10 ft size ranges from around $135 to $146, depending on the color.

5. Fab Habitat

There is a lot to love about outdoor plastic rugs. Aside from ease of cleaning, some rugs are also made from recycled plastic, like this one by Fab Habitat. There are several vibrant colors and sizes. Many of the reviews praise its longevity, claiming it retains its bright color after a year or more of use. The 8×10 version costs around $174. 

6. nuLoom

If you’re concerned about the design and thickness of the others, consider this braided rug by nuLoom. It’s around 0.3 inches thick, compared to around 0.2 or less for the others. Like the other neutral-colored options, it also has a very minimal feel. The biggest downside to this option is the number of options. There are currently only two options available for 8×10 ft. It’s also more expensive, ranging from $341 to $370.

7. Novogratz

Number seven on the list of best plastic outdoor rugs is this one by Novogratz. Aside from being a high-quality product, many of the reviews also mention how easy it was to lay flat. Which is a common issue when ordering rugs online. It’s also good for high traffic. The 8×10 ft option for this rug in particular costs $113. But Novogratz has other plastic outdoor rugs, all of which are highly rated.   

8. Nicole Miller

Another popular option online is this one, by Nicole Miller. Featuring a geometric design, it comes in a variety of colors that would go well with a modern or boho theme. Although it isn’t made from recycled materials, it is labeled as standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. This means it has been tested and found to be free from chemicals known to cause harm to human health. The 8×10 ft option ranges from $93 to around $150.   

9. Playa Rug

Like Fab Habitat, Playa Rug also offers an option made from recycled straws. It comes in three colors and four different sizes and is one of the most affordable outdoor plastic rugs. The 8×10 ft version is $118. 

10. Tayse Home Decor

One final option is this one, by Tayse Home Decor. They’re also woven from recycled plastic straws, making it a more sustainable option. Not to mention they’re one of the most affordable of the best plastic outdoor rugs. This one in particular has a blue Aztec print and costs $77. But they also offer other complex designs, such as mandalas and floral prints.  


Despite what you might believe, plastic can be a great material for outdoor rugs. Some of the best plastic outdoor rugs are easy to clean and dry. They can also act as a buffer against hot or slick pavement and can last for several years.

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