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Want to make your backyard more fun? Of course you do. Who doesn’t, right? I’ll admit, mine isn’t the most exciting. But I came across these outdoor swing ideas a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with them. They’re a great alternative to traditional seating that you can add to your outdoor bar or pergola.

1. Macrame swing chairs

One of my favorite design themes is bohemian, which is why I love these macrame swing chairs. Many people attach them to their pergola and pair them with some warm string lights. This option comes in three different colors; grey, beige, and white. They cost around $70 each, which seems to be a good price range. If you’re concerned about the material getting stained or appearing dirty, you can also purchase the same style in black

2. Macrame Hammock Swings

A similar option you can buy is a hammock swing. These are more conforming than the others, which may or may not be what you’re looking for. They also have a higher weight capacity at 500 lbs., compared to 330 lbs. They’re the same price, $70 each.

3. Y-Stop Hammock Swing

If you can’t decide between the two above, then you might like the Y-Stop hammock the best. It has more support than the macrame swing, but still enough structure to feel comfortable and sit upright. There are also several colors, with many costing only $50.   

4. Egg chair

Like the macrame outdoor swing ideas, this egg chair also adds a lot of character. It’s a little more expensive than the others, at around $115. But it has features that make it more suitable for uncovered areas than the macrame options may be. Although they’re all listed for outdoor use, this option has an aluminum frame, so it won’t rust. It’s also wicker, which is a common material used for outdoor furniture.

5. Tire Swings

It doesn’t get any more traditional than a tire swing. Although not the most comfortable option, you could make some modifications. Like adding a cushion to the seat, for example. Given the type of materials used, it will hold up well outside, even in exposed areas. This one costs more than the others, starting at $188, but the top attachment allows the swing to twist and spin, which is a fun added feature. If you like DIY projects, you can also try making one yourself using recycled tires and some rope or chains.

6. Wood & Rope Swings

Basic wood and rope swings are also a great traditional idea, especially as an alternative to outdoor bar stools. They don’t offer much support, but they’re simple and won’t take up much space. They go well with rustic themes or garden bars. The biggest downside is the cost, with these starting at $154. 

7. Personalized Swing

You can also buy wood and rope swings with personalization. If you didn’t want one for your own home, you could buy one for someone else. Personalized products make great gifts for any event, especially anniversaries and weddings. Or they can be used to honor someone’s memory. Given that it is custom, it does cost more, beginning at $180.    

8. Wooden Chair Swing

Similar to the Y-Stop hammock swing, this swing provides more support. It has a backing and armrests. It’s also made from real cypress wood and would be durable for outdoor use over the long term. They’re more expensive, costing $235 after shipping. But they work well for several different areas if you decided to move them later. They would also be more comfortable for a wider range of people. 

9. Bench swing

Another option for outdoor swing ideas is to buy a bench swing, like this one by Tribes Southern Swings. Like the other wood swings, it’s also made from real wood, specifically cypress. One of the biggest benefits of this option is that it’s 6 ft. long and can seat 2-3 people. It costs $799.  

10. Personalized Bench Swing

Just like the wood and rope swings, you can get a customized product for a more personal touch. Rather than cypress or acacia, this bench swing is made from stained and sealed pine and costs around $324.    

11. Daybed Swing

The daybed style swing has been climbing in popularity lately and for good reason. The design is often fancier than a traditional porch swing and they’re more comfortable. This option by Charleston Porch Swing is the most expensive on this list, but it has several custom choices that make it hard to pass up. For example, there are several staining options, sizes, personalization, etc.  


Swings are a great alternative to traditional furniture. Attaching them to your outdoor bar or pergola can make your backyard more fun, inviting, and personal. Of all the outdoor swing ideas on this list, my favorite is the wicker egg chair. It’s a good combination of both decorative and functional.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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