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Which material makes the best metal bar stools, aluminum or steel? Which are the most comfortable or most affordable? These are all common questions to ask when searching for outdoor furniture. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the best option. But in this article we’ll compare some different products based on design, comfort, and price. At the end, we’ll discuss what to look for in more detail so you can find the right fit for your bar.

Backless Metal Bar Stools

One of the most common metal bar stools available are backless. They’re a good choice if you have limited backyard space because most are stackable. This is also a good feature when considering winter storage. They’re also often the cheapest. But they’re less comfortable than some of the other options when used for long periods of time. 

1. Furmax

These backless bar stools by Furmax are steel with a paint finish. Paint is not as durable as galvanized or powder-coated, but can still provide some protection from the elements. Jump to “choosing the best metal bar stools” at the end to read more. Despite this, they are still good quality and offer the most affordable option. At the time of this article, the cheapest color (gun) costs roughly $18 per chair. They’re stackable, with X braces beneath each seat to support up to 330 lbs. They also have rubber foot grips to prevent movement and a footrest for more comfort.

2. Devoko

The Devoko stools are a similar option to the Furmax listed above. They’re almost identical in design, with a solid metal frame, footrest, and rubber grips. The Devoko stools are also made from steel, but they’re powder-coated rather than painted. This is a great feature to search for when looking for the best metal bar stools or any outdoor furniture. Both brands offer several colors, with the cheapest Devoko option being $20 per chair.

Metal Bar Stools with Backs

For a more comfortable option, consider an option that has a back. As you would expect they cost a little more, but you may be able to use them for longer periods of time. For many products, the backs are removable as well. This means they can be stacked and stored like the backless stools.

3. Aklaus with Low Backs

One feature about these Aklaus stools that separate them from other options is the seat. It has a more conforming design than the traditional flat surface, which is likely to be more comfortable. They also have low, removable backs for easier storage. They have a paint finish, but are made from galvanized steel. Black is the only color option available for 30 inch chairs, each costing around $40. 

4. Costway with High Backs

Many people find high back chairs to be more comfortable than those with a low back. These Costway bar stools have removable high backs and are made with powder-coated steel, which should hold up well outdoors. They come in two colors, gun and black. The 30 inch gun color stools are $42.50 each, while the black are $55. They also have low back and backless options as well.

Bar Stools With A Metal Frame

Many of the best metal bar stools are a mix of materials rather than solid metal. Forming products with more than one material can make them more functional. If you’ve ever owned any outdoor metal furniture, you know that they can get hot. In direct sun, they can even become too uncomfortable to touch. This is a common problem for all metal structures, including some pergolas. Choosing a stool that incorporates mixed materials can also add more character, depending on the look you want to achieve.   

5. Brage Bar Stools with Elm Seat

These backless stools by Brage have powder-coated steel legs and a wood seat made of elm. Having a wood top can be helpful in a few ways. For one, it can make the stool more comfortable than a solid metal stool. Another functional perk is it’s likely to be cooler to sit on.  One of the biggest cons to this option is that they’re backless, which won’t be as comfortable for long periods of time. They’re also more expensive than the other backless options. Each chair costs around $53. Considering the top is wood, you should clear coat them with a UV and waterproof sealer and place them beneath a covering.

6. Christopher Knight Outdoor Bar Stools with Acacia Seat

Unlike other options, these stools have acacia seats, which is a great choice for outdoor wood bar stools. They have a powder-coated iron frame as well as some details that give them more character than traditional options. They also have a low backing. Designed for outdoor use, the wood seat shouldn’t need further sealing. But you should still place them beneath a covering for the best protection. Each chair costs around $58.

7. Costway Bar Stools with Elm Seat

Like the other Costway stools above, these are powder-coated iron with removable backs. The biggest difference is the Elm wood seat. They’re also five dollars cheaper than the Costway solid metal and the cheapest of the mixed material options on this list, at $50 per 30-inch chair. Similar to the Brage wood seat option, they will need to be sealed and covered for outdoor use.

8. Best Choice Products Patio Bar Chairs

Another option is to buy bar stools specifically designed for a patio setting. These stools have a steel frame with a powder coat finish. The seats are textilene, a durable material for UV and wet conditions. This option would likely hold up better in high-exposure areas than bar stools with a wood seat. With arm and footrests as well as a high back, it’s also the most comfortable option. The biggest downsides to this option are the price and space requirements. Unlike the others, the backs and arms aren’t removable. This means they’re not as convenient for storage. They’re also the most expensive, being around $90 per chair with only two color options. 

Choosing the Best Metal Bar Stools

Which Metal is Best for Outdoor Bar Stools?

Many outdoor bar stools are either steel, iron, or aluminum. Iron and steel (not including stainless steel) will both rust if not coated in some way. This is usually done by either galvanizing, powder-coating, or painting/varnishing the metal. Galvanizing and powder-coating are both more durable than paint or varnish. This is because they are more resistant to scratches. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a rust-free option, but it’s also more lightweight. This means it may be more susceptible to dings and dents than steel or some other iron product. As for weight capacity, most metal bar stools of any material can hold around 330 lbs.

What style of bar stool is most comfortable?

If you use your outdoor bar for long periods of time, you want something comfortable. Metal itself is not the most comfortable material, but choosing an option with a high back and arm/footrests can make a big difference. Another consideration is the seat. Fabric or wood seats are likely to be more comfortable than solid metal. But you can also buy cushions intended for metal bar stools for more comfort.

How Much Do the Best Metal Bar Stools Cost?

There is a wide range of prices for the best metal bar stools depending on design, coating, and material. Backless steel bar stools are often the cheapest option, at around $20-30 per chair. Of the three materials mentioned, the most expensive bar stools are often aluminum. Aluminum bar stools with backs seem to cost around $130-180 per chair, compared to $100 for a similar steel option. For finish coats, the most expensive is galvanized. Powder-coating is the second most expensive, with paint and varnish being the cheapest (and least durable), as you would expect.


Metal bar stools can make a nice addition to an outdoor bar or patio. Aluminum, iron, and steel can all be used to make durable and quality pieces. If you can’t afford aluminum, powder-coated steel is also a great option. 

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