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When it comes to creating a comfortable space for your outdoor bar, one of your first considerations might be what kind of furniture to buy. If you’ve done some research already, you’ve likely come across teak outdoor bar stools. Teak is often viewed as superior to other options due to its strong resilience to the weather. But how much does it differ from other wood alternatives? Does its high quality make up for the cost?  

What is Teak?

Let’s start with the basics. What is teak and why is it so popular? A basic web search will tell you that teak is a durable hardwood sourced from the tree Tectona grandis. Used as a prime choice for shipbuilding, it has natural oils that repel insects and moisture. This allows teak furniture to last for decades with little maintenance. Since the 1950s, teak has risen in popularity. The increased demand for teak and the fact that it’s only grown in certain areas of the world have led to shortages in the industry. This is why true teak is a luxury wood, reflected in its hefty price tag.

I should note that not all teak is the same. If you type “teak furniture” into your search bar, you’ll likely see some misleading listings. Many products mention teak in the title but aren’t crafted from teak wood. Instead, they have a teak finish. There are also different grades of teak. If you’re going to invest, you want to buy grade-A, which is derived from the inner layers of the tree and is the highest quality.

What Are Some Other Options?

We’ve already talked about what makes Teak a high-quality wood. Given its natural weather and pest-resistant properties, it isn’t uncommon for teak furniture to last half a century or more. But how does it hold up to other options? Like teak, acacia and eucalyptus are both durable hardwoods. Some sources estimate the lifespan to be around 20 years for eucalyptus and 25-50 for acacia. They also hold up well outside, but they require more maintenance to do so. This is especially true if you leave them out year-round.


Perhaps the most attractive feature of teak is that it requires little maintenance.  Other than occasionally cleaning the surface, it doesn’t need any special treatment. Left alone, teak will fade to a gray tone over time, which is why some people choose to occasionally apply a sealer. But this change in coloration doesn’t affect its integrity. Most other woods, including acacia and eucalyptus, need to be sealed yearly. To prolong their lifespan, you might also need to bring them in during the winter or cover them when not in use.


One of the biggest drawbacks to teak is its cost. Real teak outdoor bar stools can cost around $500 or more each. Acacia is both more accessible (with more options to choose from) and affordable. You could buy a full set of acacia bar stools for the price of one teak. Eucalyptus costs around the same, give or take. 

Are Teak Outdoor Bar Stools the Best?

Of the three, teak is the highest quality and requires the least maintenance. But they’re also considerably more expensive. While requiring more maintenance, acacia, and teak will still last a long time. They’re also more affordable and accessible, especially acacia. I would rather choose one of these options and invest the extra money into a nice speaker system or a pergola. Whichever you choose, I’ve included some of the best options below.      

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