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Pool tables are one of the most common forms of entertainment, yet many people believe they’re too expensive to add to their home bar. In truth, there are several affordable pool tables on the market. And, unless you’re a pro player, you’re likely to get just as much satisfaction from one of the options listed below as you would on a table twice or more in price. 

Kirkwood Affordable Pool Tables 

1. 7 Ft. Table 

One of the key differences between luxury pool tables and the more affordable options is the table bed material. Like many affordable options, the Kirkwood 7ft. table has a manufactured wood top (or MDF) rather than slate. MDF is less durable in the long run and more sensitive to environmental factors, like humidity and spills. But when kept in the right location and cared for, it works fine for most people. This table has everything you need to play, including cue balls and two sticks. It’s currently on sale for around $765. 

2. 7.5 Ft. Table with Slate Bed

Kirkwood also offers one of the few affordable pool tables with a slate bed for around $200 more. It’s designed similarly to the 7ft. table, but half a foot longer with a darker felt. It’s currently on sale for $867.48.    

American Legend Affordable Pool Tables

3. Bayville 7ft. Table

American Legend makes some of the most affordable pool tables available. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t good quality. The Bayville table, for example, has several positive reviews and costs less than many of the others at around $700. It also comes with leveling legs, in case the floor is uneven.  

4. Brookdale 7.5ft. Pool Table

Another great option for affordable pool tables is the Brookdale 7.5ft. table by American Legend. Like the Kirkwood 7ft. table, it has a wood table bed and has everything you need to play. In addition, it also comes with leveling legs. It currently costs $781. 

5. Maverick 7ft. Pool Table

If you’re working with a tight budget, the Maverick table is one of the best to buy. At $584, you’re not likely to find a cheaper table of the same size or the same level of quality. It has many of the same features as the other American Legend tables, such as a wood table bed and additional accessories. 

Hathaway Games Affordable Pool Tables

6. Spartan 6ft. Pool Table

If you have limited room, one option to consider is the Spartan table by Hathaway Games. It’s about a foot smaller than the other tables. It’s also one of the most affordable pool tables on this list, currently marked at $492. 

7. Bristol 7ft. Table

Hathaway Games also makes a 7ft. table. It’s more expensive, at $800, but it’s a sturdy option. It also comes with an additional top to play table tennis, which is a unique feature. 

Other Affordable Pool Tables

8. GoSports Portable Pool Table 

Another space-saving option is this pool table by GoSports. Most pool tables are designed to be installed and left in one place, but the GoSports table can easily be folded up and moved. It also offers more options. You can buy either a 6ft. or  7ft. table with red, black, or blue felt. They range from $430 – $550.  

9. Fairmont 6ft. Pool Table 

Much like the GoSports, Fairmont also offers a portable table. Designed to move, both tables are lighter. This means they may not be as sturdy as the non-portable options. But at 6.3ft., it’s still one of the best options for small spaces. It’s currently on sale for $440 and comes in either red or blue felt.  

10. Barrington Springdale 7.5ft. Table 

If you’re looking for affordable pool tables that look high-end, the Springdale 7.5ft table by Barrington Billiards is a must-see. The table bed material is wood, similar to most of the others. But it has detailed, clawfoot legs that favor those you’d see on more expensive tables. It’s on the higher end of the list at around $924. 


There are several affordable pool tables on the market. Many of which are more than adequate for the common player. The GoSports portable table is the best for both space and budget. But the best value is the Maverick 7ft. table.

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