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Throwing darts is one of the most classic forms of entertainment. Alongside a pool table, they’re a great way to make your home bar more fun. There are plenty out there to choose from, but here are 10 of the best dart boards that will serve you and your guests for years. 

Note: Not all boards are meant for outdoor use. Check the manufacturer’s suggestion or place it in an enclosed outdoor bar.

Best Dart Boards: Classic

1. Viper League Pro

When it comes to the best dart boards, there are at least two different types; the classic bristle boards and the plastic electronic boards. Either one can be a great option. Bristle boards use steel tip darts, which are less likely to bounce off than the soft-tip darts used with plastic boards. 

The Viper League Pro is one of the best classic options available. It comes with 3 darts and a scoreboard. The board itself is sturdy and self-healing and well worth the price. But the quality of the included darts is mixed. So you may prefer to buy a separate set. It’s currently on sale for $39.99. 

2. Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports offers two other classic options, one of which is cheaper than the Viper Pro. Both are self-healing bristle boards, but the less expensive board has painted numbers rather than a steel rotating ring. This doesn’t matter much when the board is new. But as the board gets some use, the option with the rotating ring will allow for longer, more even wear. The painted board costs $29.99 while the steel ring board is $58.18. Neither comes with any extras, so you’ll need to buy darts and accessories separately.  

3. EastPoint Sports Dart Board  

Like the Franklin and the Viper Pro, the EastPoint Sports bristle dart board is a high-quality option with a rotating steel ring. It also comes with 6 steel-tip darts (3 for each player) and a chalk scoreboard. The biggest difference is the price. It is the cheapest of the three, currently at $33.19.   

Best Dart Boards: Electronic 

4.  Turnart Electronic Dart Board

Although many bristle boards are self-healing, their surface does become damaged over time. This causes more bounce back and the need for a new board. Electronic boards, however, are plastic. Their lifespan is determined more by how long the electronic components last. One of the most attractive features of an electronic board is the ability to track player scores automatically. 

The Turnart can track up to 16 players, making it one of the best dart boards for large get-togethers. It also comes with 6 darts and side compartments to store them when not in use. Electronic dart boards are more expensive than classic bristle boards, but the Turnart is more reasonable than many others, at $79.99. 

5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 

When it comes to the best dart boards, Arachnid is one of the leading brands for electronic options. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 can record scores for up to 8 players and has a variety of different games. It seems to have a cleaner, more user-friendly control panel than the Turnart. It also seems to have a clearer sound quality. But it is significantly more expensive, at $249.99.    

6. Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 

Another option by Arachnid is the Cricket Maxx 4.0. Similar to the Cricket Pro 800, it has a clean user interface. It also comes with darts and convenient storage within a dartboard cabinet. Originally $299.99, it’s currently on sale for $220.93. 

Best Dart Boards Cabinets

7. Personalized Dart Board Cabinet 

There are at least two perks to choosing a dartboard cabinet. One, when opened, the doors can protect darts from hitting the wall and causing damage. Secondly, some people prefer to have it hidden when not in use, for a cleaner-looking display. There are both classic and electronic options available. 

This board by the Cocktail Goddess falls into the classic category. While the included board is good quality, the main attraction to this option is the cabinet itself. It has a vintage style design with the option to personalize with a person’s name or their bar name. It is more expensive than the other cabinets ($149.95), but it’s a great gift idea.  

8. EastPoint Sports Dart Board Cabinet  

With more focus on the board itself, the EastPoint Sports cabinet also has a bristle board. Unlike the personalized option above, which has painted numbers, the EastPoint has a steel rotating ring for longer use. Although it doesn’t offer personalization, there is a second option that changes the interior color and the shape of the cabinet. They’re also cheaper, ranging from $53.42 to $57.99. 

9. Thornton Dart Board Cabinet

Unlike a traditional cabinet, the Thorton dart board doesn’t have closing doors. But it still offers a classy look, with sections on either side for scorekeeping and dart storage. It also has overhead LED lights and a rotating ring on the board. It’s currently on sale for $132.  

10. Triumph Sports USA 

If you’re looking for a cabinet with a lighter color, the Triumph Sports USA offers many of the same qualities as the others. It’s mid-range in price at $79.53. 


Throwing darts is a classic form of entertainment that you can easily add to your home bar or game room. Choosing the best dart board should allow you years of play. Whether you want a classic board, an electronic board, or a cabinet, this list can narrow your search. 

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