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Between birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, it seems like there is always some upcoming holiday. If you’re like many people, finding the right gift can be a challenge. You’re left scrambling at the last minute trying to find something that seems…well, not last minute. This is where personalized gifts come in handy. You can buy nearly anything personalized now, making for both a classy and thoughtful gift. If your recipient has a home bar, here are some of the best personalized bar gifts to consider. You may even want to buy a second one for yourself.  

1. Personalized Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are an alternative to ice cubes. Their purpose is to keep your drink cold without diluting it. Personalized whiskey stones are a great gift idea because they’re practical and reusable. They’re also budget-friendly.   

2. Etched Glass Personalized Bar Gifts

Etched glass is a popular go-to for gifts. They’re frequently given at weddings or housewarming parties but can suit any event. For example, many people buy personalized wine glasses or whiskey decanter sets. Or, if the person you’re buying the gift for is more of a beer drinker, you could buy them a personalized beer mug. They also make etched shot glasses, for either conventional use or collecting. Being a larger surface than the whiskey stones, they offer more personalization options, such as a full name or images.

3. Bar Signs

Having a personalized sign makes a nice addition to any home bar. But there are so many different designs and varieties to choose from that it can quickly become overwhelming. Here are some of the best options for each category.


Many crafters use reclaimed wood or whiskey barrel lids to create personalized signs. If you can’t afford authentic lids, the round wood signs are a similar option. Some also make signs from the barrel staves. You can also buy personalized wood-burned signs or even signs that combine wood with metal lettering.


Another material you could choose is metal. If you or your friends have a rustic theme, you could choose a distressed metal sign. Or a vintage metal sign is a nice choice for a speakeasy theme. Another option is a sign with a metal outline

Etched Mirror

Similar to the etched glassware, you can also buy etched mirrors with personalization. Instead of a TV, you could add this sign to the center of the back bar.   

Neon or LED

Some of the coolest personalized signs are those that incorporate lighting. For example, this metal LED sign has 16 different color options and is IP65 weatherproof. You can also get an acrylic sign, which has several different design options and favors the etched glass look. Another option is neon, which has a more minimalistic feel.

4. Pennant Flag and Banner Personalized Bar Gifts

If your recipient has a sports-themed bar, you could purchase a personalized pennant to hang alongside their favorite team flag. Or, if they have a unique design in mind, you could create a vinyl banner for them to hang at the back of their bar. 

5. Liquor Dispensers

Serving as both a sign and holder, you can also buy personalized liquor dispensers. If they already have a sign or limited wall space, you could buy a countertop dispenser instead.  

6. Bottle Openers

If you want to get a personalized gift but you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, consider a bottle opener. They’re a simple, but practical gift that you can never seem to have enough of. You could also buy a personalized wine corkscrew or a personalized keychain that has both. If you wanted something even easier to keep up with, you could buy an opener that mounts to the wall, which also has a cap catcher. 

7. Cork and Cap Collection Boxes

Some people like to collect wine corks or bottle caps and upcycle them. For example, some people embed them into epoxy bar tops or coaster sets. Personalized collection boxes are great gifts for collectors. They also offer added convenience when installed next to a wall-mounted bottle opener.

8. Coasters

Another idea for budget-friendly personalized bar gifts is coasters. One option is to order coasters with your recipient’s favorite photos on them. There are also a variety of monogrammed coaster sets made from different materials. Choosing the best material will depend on your recipient’s personal preferences or what is best suited for their bar theme. For example, leather, engraved wood, stone, or marble and wood.

9. Cocktail Kit

Cocktail kits are an all-in-one kind of gift. They often include things like shakers and liquor pourers. They’re great for housewarming parties, wedding gifts, or anyone who doesn’t already have a lot of supplies for their home bar. While you can buy cocktail kits almost anywhere, a personalized cocktail kit comes off as more thoughtful and unique.

10. Bar Mat or Runner

Like coasters, bar mats are useful for protecting your bar top from spills. You could buy a personalized bar mat alone. Or, you could buy a mat with matching coasters.

11. Mini Whiskey Barrel

Personalized whiskey barrels make for good keepsake gifts, but they’re also practical. They can be stored in a home bar and reused as a dispenser for future events or parties. 

12. Barrel Cabinet

Another whiskey barrel-inspired gift is a personalized barrel cabinet. If you have extra time to wait for shipping, these are great for speakeasy themes or hidden bars. Although pricey, they’re a high-quality gift and a unique addition to a home bar.

13. Beer Caddy

One gift that can be used for home use or otherwise is a personalized beer caddy. If you’re traveling to a friend’s B.Y.O.B. bar or party, a wooden caddy can offer more protection for glass bottles by keeping them separated and stable. Many also have bottle openers attached, which offer additional convenience.

14. Dart Board Cabinet

Dart throwing is a traditional form of bar entertainment, alongside pool and poker. If you or your recipient don’t already have one, consider buying a dartboard cabinet. Like the barrel cabinets, they’re unique personalized bar gifts for the person who seems to have everything else.

15. Bar Towels

When it comes to spills, It isn’t a matter of if it happens, but when. This is why having designated bar towels is essential. Buying either black or dark gray towels will make it easier to hide stains. You could gift them as a single item or include them in a gift basket.

16. Coolers

If your recipient doesn’t have an outdoor fridge or ice maker, consider buying them a personalized cooler. These are beneficial for special occasions as well as for just everyday use.  

17. Can Coolers

If you’re working with a budget, can coolers are a versatile option. They work well for funny birthday gifts or for more serious occasions like wedding favors. For a higher quality option, you could also buy an insulated cooler and have it personalized with a name.

18. Bottle Display Shelf

Having a personalized bottle display shelf or a shelf riser is a great way to organize a  liquor collection. These are good gifts for those who don’t have a lot of shelf space.

19. Shot Glass Display

Other personalized bar gifts for collectors include personalized shot glass displays. Many people collect shot glasses as souvenirs from vacations or events. Having a way to display them keeps them from getting broken or lost.

20. Tequila Flight Board

Personalized tequila flight boards are an all-in-one tray designed to hold shot glasses, lime, and salt. They make nice gifts for any occasion, but especially as keepsake gifts. Think weddings, housewarming parties, or anniversaries.   


There you have it; at least 20 personalized bar gifts for whatever occasion you’re facing. No matter what your budget is or who you’re buying for, there are several options to choose from.         

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