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Whether you have disruptive neighbors or live near a busy street, privacy fences are a great way to make your backyard more peaceful. These horizontal privacy fence ideas offer many of the same benefits as traditional vertical fencing but with a modern twist that can suit any style you’re looking to achieve.   

Basic Horizontal Privacy Fence Ideas 

The most straightforward horizontal privacy fence ideas incorporate one type of material and style. 

1. Wood 

Wood is one of the most common go-to building materials. Cedar, redwood, and oak are all great choices for both durability and looks. You can stain them or apply a clear sealant to retain the natural color. 

 2. Vinyl 

If you like the look, vinyl horizontal privacy fence ideas will require less maintenance. They won’t require annual treatment to deter pests or rot as wood does. They also last longer.

3. Metal    

Metal is another long-lasting and low-maintenance option when compared to wood. Powder-coated aluminum, for example, is a great choice for not only fencing but pergolas, outdoor bar stools, and other furniture.   

Horizontal Privacy Fence Ideas Using Mixed Materials

For more decorative horizontal privacy fence ideas, consider combining two or more materials. 

Some horizontal privacy fence ideas include mixed materials. This fence, for example, has gray wood slats with stone posts.

4.  Metal Posts with Wood Slats 

One mixed material idea is to build a fence with horizontal wood slats and aluminum metal posts to separate each section. These fences are more attractive than a basic option, but still subtle enough for a sleek and minimal feel. 

5. Stone or Brick Posts with Wood Slats 

Using stone or brick posts instead of metal is another option, like in the image above. This idea has a more maximal appearance, rather than minimal. It’s ideal if you want something more luxurious.

6. Wood with Metal Privacy Screens

Metal privacy screens are a great addition to horizontal privacy fence ideas. You could alternate sections, using either metal or wood slats. They make several designs, such as geometric or botanical. Or you can add metal inserts in the center of one or more sections.  

7. Horizontal Wall Topper

Another mixed material idea is installing a solid base, such as concrete or stone, and adding a horizontal fence on top. They’re great if you have a pre-existing fence you want to add height to.  

Other Unique Horizontal Privacy Fence Ideas 

8. Alternating Slat Widths 

Aside from mixing materials, another idea is to vary the spacing between the slats. In areas where you need more privacy, install the slats closer together. While in others you can space them farther apart. This creates a more interesting border, but it also promotes airflow and openness. 

9. Planter Boxes

If you want to add more plants to your backyard space, a horizontal privacy fence can double as a vertical garden. Add some fragrant herbs or flowers or grow some vegetables. This is also a popular idea for pergola privacy walls.  

10. Stepped 

If your yard isn’t level, one idea is to build a stepped horizontal privacy fence. These fences rise with the slope, making them appear like steps. 


These 10 horizontal privacy fence ideas are a great way to add more seclusion to your backyard. Whether you choose a basic option or something more exotic, there really are no wrong choices.  

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