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Bonfires are the perfect way to spend cool fall nights in your backyard. But traditional fire pits can produce heavy smoke which can be both annoying and harmful to breathe. That’s why many people opt for smokeless fire pits instead. So how do smokeless fire pits work differently? In this article, we’ll discuss what they are and which ones to get. 

What is a Smokeless Fire Pit?

Similar to a traditional fire pit, smokeless fire pits are intended to burn wood. The biggest difference between the two is the design of the fire pit insert. While they aren’t truly ‘smokeless,’ they significantly reduce the amount of smoke emitted. This results in a more enjoyable experience for everyone.  

How do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

There are a few design features that allow smokeless fire pits to work differently. 

Ventilation Holes 

Smokeless fire pit inserts are often made with openings that allow better ventilation. Once lit, air often moves through a set of bottom vent holes up through the pit and out of a set of holes at the top of the pit. This reduces smoke by allowing the wood to burn more completely. 


Most smokeless fire pit inserts also have a double-wall or insulated design. This allows air moving upward through the bottom vents to preheat and promote better combustion, which also helps reduce smoke production.  

What are the Benefits of a Smokeless Fire Pit?

Cleaner Fire 

The first and most obvious benefit of a smokeless fire pit is less smoke production. But this can be beneficial in more ways than one. Less smoke means less annoyance. You won’t need to move to avoid it. You’ll be less likely to detect the scent on your clothes or hair afterward. Less smoke also means cleaner air, which is better for both you and your guests as well as the environment. 

Traditional Bonfire Feel  

A smokeless fire pit allows you to have the traditional bonfire experience with fewer cons. This means you can still have the crackle and wood-burning smell, or flavor if you’re using it to cook over. 

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit Options

There are several great smokeless fire pit options to choose from. Now that we’ve covered what they are and how do smokeless fire pits work, here are five of the best brands to buy. 

1. Breoo

One of the best brands for smokeless fire pits is Breoo. Their fire pits are designed with top and bottom ventilation holes, have insulated walls, and come in two different materials; corten or stainless steel. While stainless steel won’t change when exposed to the elements, corten will develop a protective patina over time. They also come in two different sizes, 22 inches and 27 inches.     

2. Solo 

 Another great brand for smokeless fire pits is Solo. Like Breoo, their fire pits have top and bottom ventilation holes, insulated walls, and stainless steel. Their fire pits come in three different sizes; Ranger (12.5 inches in diameter), Bonfire (19.5 inches in diameter), and Yukon (27 inches in diameter). They also come with a removable ash pan for more convenient cleaning.  


TIKI offers three different smokeless fire pits; two round and one rectangular options. Each has a convenient, removable ash pan at the bottom and a powder-coated steel exterior. 


The EAST OAK fire pits have the same smokeless design features as the others and are available in three different diameter sizes, 17 inches, 21 inches, and 29 inches. 

5. Cuisinart 

One final brand for a quality smokeless fire pit is Cuisinart. Although most well-known for their kitchen appliances, the Cuisinart smokeless fire pit is also a great and affordable product with several five-star reviews. 


How do smokeless fire pits work and what are the benefits of having one? Smokeless fire pits allow you to enjoy all the things you love about a traditional bonfire with significantly less smoke. Features such as ventilation holes and insulated walls allow them to burn wood more efficiently than traditional fire pit inserts. Some of the most well-rated brands include Breoo and Solo.  

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