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Just as important as deciding how to design your outdoor fire pit area is what type of fire pit you want to install. For example, you might choose a traditional, wood-burning option. But opting for the best propane fire pit instead has several attractive perks. It takes much longer to start and maintain a wood fire pit than a propane fire pit, which can be burning within minutes. Not to mention the effort it takes to source wood compared to propane. They’re also safer and easier to extinguish, with most models having automatic shut-off valves. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the qualities to look for and the best choices on the market. 

Qualities of the Best Propane Fire Pit 

Safety Rating

One of the most important qualities to search for in a fire pit is safety. You want a product whose components have been tested for a variety of factors and received approval. For fire pits, this often means choosing a product that is CSA-approved. 

Quality Materials 

For anything outdoors, you want a product that is built to withstand various weather conditions. For fire pits, this means buying a product that can both withstand the weather as well as effects of the fire itself. The best propane fire pits have components such as solid metal frames, stainless steel burners, and tempered glass tops, which can withstand high temperatures without shattering.     

Intended Use

Some fire pits are built for portability, while others are meant for designated areas. Knowing how you intend to use your propane fire pit can determine which option is right for you and ultimately how satisfied you’ll be with the product. Check out the best options for each use below.   

Best Propane Fire Pit for Camping 

1. Outland Living Model 870 Fire Pit

If you spend as much time camping as you do at home, a portable propane fire pit is the best choice. Outland Living sells several models, all of which are highly rated. They’re CSA-approved, lightweight, and they’re affordable. One model, in particular, is the 870, which currently comes with a carry case and lava rocks for around $140. 

2. Outland Living 805 Portable Firecube

A second option by Outland Living is the portable firecube. It offers several of the same benefits, including decent heat output, emitting up to 58,000 BTU. The biggest difference is the shape, with this option being square rather than round. This may make it more convenient for storage or more fitting for the design of your firepit area. At the time this article was written, it was around the same, at $135.   

3. Heininger 5995 

The best propane firepit in terms of affordability is the Heninger 5995. Like the Outland Living models, it’s one of the top-rated portable propane firepits. It’s CSA-approved, rated for 58,000 BTU, and the firepit alone only costs around $70. The biggest downside to this option is the additional cost of the firepit cover. If you choose to buy the firepit and cover together, it will cost you closer to $200. 

4. Baide Home Portable Propane Fire Pit

If you want something a little taller, the Baide Home portable fire pit is 16 inches tall, versus 9 to 11 inches for the others. It’s registered for 50,000 BTU, which is still more than adequate for most purposes. It’s also a bit heavier, at 27 lbs. Despite this, it’s still an excellent portable choice. There are two color options available. The red is currently $107.97 and the black is $112.97.

Best Propane Tabletop Fire Pit

 5. Yaheetech Propane Fire Pit Table 

Opposed to portable fire pits, which are often smaller and built for transport, tabletop fire pits are both functional and decorative. They act as great focal points for designated fire pit areas. This pit by Yaheetech, for example, is built within a square table with rattan-patterned steel sides. Rated for 50,000 BTU, it doesn’t emit as much heat as the portable options, but it’s a nice addition to many different fire pit styles. It’s also affordable, at $150. 

6. Outland Living Series 403 

In addition to portable fire pits, Outland Living also sells fire pit tables, such as the rectangular series 403. Similar to the Yaheetech, this table is rated for 50,000 BTU, which is a good output when compared to other options. It has a powder-coated aluminum frame that is designed to resemble wicker and a tempered glass top. It comes in two color options, brown ($547.68) and grey ($464.95), both of which are more expensive than the others. But the high reviews make it the best propane fire pit of its kind and worth the extra investment in the long term. 

7. Lausaint 43-Inch Fire Pit Table

Another great option for the best propane fire pit is the Lausaint 43-inch fire pit table. Like the others, it has several high-quality features, such as a solid metal frame, a tempered glass top, and a CSA certification. It also comes with a glass wind guard, which is sold separately for the previous two models. Right now, you can purchase the black fire pit for around $250 or the brown option for $290.  

8. East Oak 52-Inch Propane Fire Pit Table

For a fire pit table that emits more heat, the East Oak 52-inch is an excellent choice. It has a 60,000 BTU rating, compared to 40,000 or below for some other models available. At 52 inches long, it also provides a lot more space if you plan to use it as an outdoor table as well. It has all the quality features you want in a fire pit, such as an aluminum frame and CSA certification. The grey option is currently on sale for $475.99. 


Finding the best propane fire pit comes down to product safety, quality materials, and its intended use. If you plan to use it both at home and on the go, a portable option is best. For a fire pit area in your backyard, you can add a propane fire pit table. Either way, options that are CSA-approved, have powder-coated aluminum or steel frames and tempered glass (for tabletop options) are all good indicators of a quality product. 

Which fire pit is your favorite? Let us know below. 
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