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If you’re looking to add a fire pit to your backyard, one of your first concerns might be how much space you need. The last you want is for a night by the bonfire to end in a call to the fire department. So how far should a fire pit be from your house? How far should a fire pit be from a deck, trees, or a fence? Let’s find out. 

Note: You should also check and comply with local codes and the manufacturer’s recommendations, when available. 

How Far Should A Fire Pit Be from Your House Based on Fire Pit Type

When it comes to how far should a fire pit be from your house, the type of fire pit you’re using matters. 

Wood Fire Pit

Wood-burning fire pits are the most dangerous when it comes to igniting nearby objects. This is because wood can create sparks that fly several feet from the fire pit itself. Several factors influence this risk. For example, over-seasoned wood or certain varieties, like chestnut can produce more sparks. Other environmental factors also play a role, such as wind. As a result, these types of fire pits require more surrounding area. A general suggestion is to keep a clearance of at least 10 feet or up to 25 ft., to be safe.   

Aside from sparks, a second issue is making sure the flames are extinguished. Sometimes, hot coals in a fire pit can reignite. This is especially true on windy nights or if precautions aren’t taken. For example, leveling the coals with a shovel or placing a cover over the pit.   

Gas Fire Pit

How far should a fire pit be from your house if it uses gas? Gas fire pits are easier to control. They don’t produce sparks and extinguishing the flame is as simple as turning off the gas supply. However, it is still an open flame that can easily catch onto objects if they’re too close. You should first consult the manufacturer’s suggestion. If that isn’t available, a good rule of thumb is to keep the fire pit at least 5-10 ft. away from any surrounding objects. 

Additional Safety Tips

There are other considerations than just how far should a fire pit be from your house. To protect your home and your family, here are some additional fire safety ideas when using a fire pit. 

Fire Pit Mat  

If you’re using a wood fire pit in the grass or on something like a deck, it’s a good idea to use a barrier, such as a fire pit mat. These help prevent fires outside of your fire pit as well as protect the surfaces beneath. Two great options are the FireProof Pros round mat and the Campfire Defender ember mat. 

Metal Fire Pit Cover

Another good idea for wood-burning pits is to use a metal lid or cover. These help ensure the fire stays extinguished by limiting the amount of oxygen entering the fire pit. Most pits come with lids or have an option to purchase them separately. 

Wind Guard

For a gas fire pit, you might consider adding a wind guard. These are barriers made of tempered glass that encase the flames. As you have guessed, wind guards limit the effects of the wind blowing the flame. Although not everyone may need one for safety reasons, those who live in areas with high winds might benefit from one.  


Determining how far a fire pit should be from your house depends on what type of fire pit you’re using and what your local codes are. Trees, fences, and other nearby objects can easily become fuel for the fire, sometimes even if you’re careful. This is especially true for wood-burning fire pits. Adding a fire pit mat and using a fire pit lid are two added precautions you can employ to keep this from happening. 

Now that you’ve picked the optimal location, check out this article on how to build your fire pit


How far should a fire pit be from a deck? 

Like other objects, you should keep a fire pit at 10 ft. away from an adjacent wood deck. Some people actually place fire pits on their deck, which can be risky. Especially if you’re using a wood-burning fire pit without a mat or some kind of barrier between the pit and the deck floor. If you plan on using one on your deck make sure to use it in an open area with a mat and cover with a metal lid afterward. Or consider using a gas-burning fire pit instead, with a wind guard. 

How far from a fire pit should the seating be?

You want to sit close enough to the fire to feel comfortable but not close enough to put you and your guests in danger. Everyone has their opinions about safety and how close they want to be to sit to the fire, but 5-6 feet is a comfortable area for many people. 

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