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I was recently invited to a housewarming party. I’m not much of a wine drinker myself. My friend, however, started collecting a year or so ago. So one of the first gift ideas that popped into my mind was a bottle of high-quality wine. But, being friends since childhood, I wanted something that felt a bit more personal. This led me on the search to find similar gifts and finally the best wine racks, the basis for this article. If you want to skip the search, check out the list below, where I’ve included my favorite choices. 

1. Homevany Bamboo Wine Rack

One of the first options I came across was this bamboo wine rack by Homevany. It’s a basic and conventional option for small-time collectors, with the 4-tier option holding up to 16 bottles. Several of the comments praise its sturdiness and, for $30, it’s one the best wine racks for the price. There is also a 2 tier option. But the 4-tier comes in three different color options (brown, black, and a honey color), while the 2-tier only has one. The 4-tier is also the most cost-effective. Being 17 inches wide and 16.4 inches tall, it will fit well in many pantries or under a counter. 

2. Wine Racks America Wine Display Rack

For larger collections, this display rack by Wine Racks America is a good option. It holds up to 56 bottles, with a shelf at the top to display 7 of your favorites. One of the best features about this rack is that it’s made of real wood, either pine or redwood. There are also several staining options. The price ranges from around $300 to $600, depending on the type of wood and staining you choose, with unstained pine being the cheapest. 

3. Decomil Wine Rack

Another wood option suitable for larger collections is this Decomil rack. It’s cheaper than the Wine Racks America product, at $110. It can also hold more bottles (up to 72). The biggest differences are that it’s made of bamboo and has a slightly different design. They’re both stable options for a standard collection. But, for a collection with several large bottles, the best wine racks may be those with more space between the tiers, like the one below.

4. Sorbus Freestanding Wine Rack

If you have a collection with several larger bottles, you may want to consider this metal rack by Sorbus. Aside from holding up to 75 bottles, one of the biggest perks is the distance between each tier. A common complaint I see with some options is that they’re not built to accommodate larger bottles. But this option has 3.75 inches between each tier, compared to 3.5 or 3.25 inches on other products. So it’s one of the best wine racks if you or your recipient have a variety of different-sized bottles. It’s somewhat plain but sturdy, especially when anchored to the wall. It’s also very affordable, at $70.  

5. Songmics Wine Display Shelf

Besides storage and display, wine shelves can also be a good way to keep things organized. This shelf by Songmics has tiers for wine bottles as well as wine glass holders and a shelf for related items. Wine corkscrews or bar towels, for example. It’s 39 inches tall, which makes it convenient to place next to a counter. It has 4 tiers, each of which can hold 6 bottles or 24 total, and has two color options; rustic brown and beige. It is also one of the cheaper options on this list at $76.    

6. Distressed Me Not Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

If you have limited space, the best wine racks may be one of the wall-mounted options instead. They’re ideal for small collections or maybe to store a few favorites. This rack by Distressed Me Not is a nice, clean display with several custom options, such as staining, dimensions, and the number of tiers. They also pair well with other structures, such as the wine shelves mentioned next. As far as cost, they’re a mid-range option at $44 to $160.

7. Distressed Me Not Wood Wine Rack Shelves

Another wall-mounted option is this wood shelf, which has the option to include wine glass holders as well. This is one of my favorites because it’s so versatile. If you have a lot of tall bottles, you can mount the shelves farther apart to make sure they fit. It’s also not specific to wine. You could buy multiple shelves to display all of your liquor collections together. Or, having a similar look, you could buy the wine rack above and mount it next to the shelf. They’re also in the mid-range for pricing, starting at $30 – $494. 

8. Wallniture Shop Under Counter Wine Racks

If you don’t have any wall space to spare, one of the best wine racks may be these, by Wallniture Shop. They’re also metal and can be mounted beneath a counter or cabinet. The biggest con is that each rack is $30 and only holds five bottles. But you could buy multiple racks or use them to store a select few if you liked this option. For an extra $6, you could also buy this one, which can store an additional bottle and up to ten wine glasses

9. Wine Racks America Freestanding Column

A fourth space-saving option is to buy a single-column wine rack. These are taller rather than wider, making them one of the best wine racks to store against the wall or in a corner. They each hold eight bottles, including a top display bottle. Like the other Wine Racks America products mentioned, they come in pine or redwood and have several staining options. The pine options range from around $100 – $180, while the redwood options range from $121 – $200.  

10. Wine Racks America Wine Cabinet

For serious collectors, you’ll want to buy a sturdy structure that can hold several bottles, like this cabinet by Wine Racks America. It can hold 100 bottles and comes in both pine and redwood. Although all the options on this list are intended for storage, most of them have qualities that make them suited for display as well. The column wine rack, for example, has a top section to display favorites or some include wine glass holders. This cabinet, however, has a more enclosed design that limits light exposure. As such, it may be the best wine rack for those who have an old collection or are particular about wine quality. This option ranges from around $572 to $1,070, making it the most expensive option on the list. 


Wine racks are a great gift idea for yourself or other collectors. The best wine rack for a tight budget is the Homevany bamboo rack. For large, non-standard collections, it’s the Sorbus freestanding rack. Serious collectors may appreciate the wine cabinet, which is designed for true storage rather than display. Finally, the best option for small spaces is either the single-column rack or the wall-mounted shelves.   

Which is your favorite? Leave it in the comments below!

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