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As a kid, one of my favorite parts of walking through an amusement park was passing by the misting fans. As simple as it sounds, it’s still one of my favorite things. Because there are few pleasures better in 100-degree heat than a fan blowing cool mist. What isn’t so simple, though, is finding the right one for your own yard. There are lots of mixed reviews out there, which is why I’ve compiled this list of the best outdoor misting fans. Scroll through to learn more.   

1. Ryobi Bucket Top Misting Fan

If you have several areas in your yard where you like to hang out, the best outdoor misting fans might be something portable. One potential option is the Ryobi bucket top misting fan. It only weighs 8 lbs., so it’s easy to move. It’s powered by an 18-volt battery, which you might find even more appealing if you already own other battery-operated Ryobi products. It can also either attach to a water hose or use a 5-gallon bucket of water if there isn’t access to one. As far as cost, it’s one of the cheapest options, at around $145. This includes the battery, which is what many of the negative reviews I’ve read relate to. In my experience, battery problems are pretty common issues. This is true for any outdoor battery-powered product or brand. It’s registered for 3.5 hours of use, but using a hose vs the pump will play a big difference in how long you can use it. Overall, Ryobi seems to be one of the best choices if you need something affordable and convenient.

2. Geek Aire Battery Misting Fan

Another portable option for the best outdoor misting fans is this one, by Geek Aire. Like the Ryobi, it can connect to a water source in two ways. Either directly from a hose or to the attached 2.9-gallon tank that you can fill. It’s also battery powered which, again, is both good and bad. It’s good if you need a fan somewhere that doesn’t have access to an electrical outlet. But the length of time you will be able to use it will be limited, the same as the Ryobi. If you use the misting function, it is only registered for 1.5 to 2 hours of use. This means you’ll need backup batteries to switch out if you want to use it longer than that. It costs more than the Ryobi, at $290. It’s also heavier, but it has moveable wheels and a handle. This makes it a more all-in-one product.  

3. EGO Power+ Portable Fan

For a portable fan with more power and a longer run time, you may be more interested in the EGO Power+ option. It uses a 56-volt battery. Although it doesn’t provide an estimated run time that includes the mist settings, it does estimate 60 hours of use on the lowest fan speed. This is significantly more than the Ryobi or the max of 23 for the Geek Aire. It can also reach a larger area, of up to 540 square feet. Another perk is that it has several settings. It has 5 air speeds and 2 for misting, compared to an average of 3 for the other best outdoor misting fans. Like the Geek Aire, it’s easy to transport, with wheels and a collapsible handle (making it great for storage too). The product itself is $279, but the battery and charger are sold separately. Altogether, it will cost around $700, which is the biggest downside to this option.

4. Lasko Outdoor Misting Fan

This fan by Lasko has a similar design to the other portable fans mentioned. At around 16 lbs. and with a built-in handle, it’s easy to pick up and move. But, unlike the others, it is not battery-powered and it requires access to a water hose. The upside to this is it can run indefinitely. It’s also a bit cheaper than many of the others, at $130.   

5. K Tool International Fan with Misting Attachment

So far, I’ve mentioned fans that come with a built-in mister. But some of the best outdoor misting fans are those that can be paired with a separate misting kit. This floor model by K Tool International, for example, is a powerful, oscillating fan. You can either buy the fan itself, or there is an option that includes a misting attachment. The biggest complaints are noise and it’s a bit more difficult to assemble than the others. But, requiring electricity and hose access, it will run with little maintenance after setup. It’s mid-range at around $280. But it’s a great choice if you have a specific area in mind that you would like to use it.    

6. HiCFM Misting Fan

Another floor fan that is very similar to the K Tool International fan is this one by HiCFM. It’s also a powerful fan, but loud. In fact, depending on the size of your space, it may be more than what you actually need or want. But it’s UL outdoor approved and it’s cheaper, at $230.

7. iLiving Mountable Fan with Misting Kit

Personally, I like the idea of mountable fans, such as this one by iLiving. It doesn’t oscillate, but it can be tilted and it’s pairable with a misting kit. The biggest downside is that you have to buy the misting kit separately. It’s not as forceful as the HiCFM, circulating air at 6,360 cubic feet per minute compared to 9300. But it still has plenty of power and less noise. Since it’s intended to be mounted, it isn’t as easy to move as the others. But it’s more stable, which is a concern for some floor models that you see. It can attach to a hose and an electrical outlet, meaning it can run with little intervention. The 18-inch fan itself is only around $126. If you decide to buy the iLiving misting kit, it will cost an extra $300 because it includes a pump. But there are much cheaper alternatives that you can hook to your hose, such as this fan misting kit, which is only $22.

8. HydroMist Wall Mounted Fan

Of all the best outdoor misting fans, my favorite is this mountable fan by HydroMist. It has some of the best reviews, it’s quieter than most, has plenty of power, and it’s stable. It’s also durable over long-term use. You do have to buy a separate misting kit and the fan is more expensive than the iLiving option, costing $288 in total. But I believe it’s worth the extra investment. 


Finding the best outdoor misting fans depends on the quality of the product and how well it fits your needs. If you don’t have access to an outlet or hose, you’ll want to choose a portable misting fan, such as the Geek Aire fan. For designated spaces, a floor fan or mountable option will be best, such as the HydroMist. If you want a quality fan for the least amount of money, your best choice will be the Lasko.

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